My Digital Literacies Pathway

At the beginning of the semester, I didn’t know what digital literacies is. I used only to have the skills of how to use certain technology, however, I found out I should judge to maintain awareness of what I read and write and why I am doing it and who I am addressing it for. Throughout this course, I tried to develop my digital literacies and skills as much as possible but nothing happens from one day so I believe I need to work more to improve my digital literacies and skills.

So in this assignment after exploring my Digital Profile at the beginning of the semester I found I lacked in many things, so I decided in this assignment to take Taught Path in order to learn more about how to improve my weaknesses. So in this assignment, I will be exploring two modules Online Identity and Reputation  & Design Thinking


Online Identity & Reputation:

Although in Solyia we talked a lot about online Identity I felt I need to explore this module more because I am not fully aware of my online presence. In this module I learned a new word called Digital footprint, to be honest, I never heard of it, a digital footprint is basically the trace we leave behind online whether by reaction or by data about our clicking pattern. While studying this module I started thinking what is the trace I am leaving behind, and whether I am satisfied with this trace our should I change my path? While digging more in this course, it asks us to google ourselves, I was quite surprised I didn’t think of the results. However, I wasn’t unsatisfied with the result but I was surprised that google images had my picture and my friends on LinkedIn, not only that but I was surprised when I saw my handball photo taken by the sports complex team as it was my first time to this photo. However, when the module started discussing social media and its side effects I had so much awareness of what was being said. To conclude the questions that were asked like “to what extent does our use of social media open us to risk? are very important and to be honest it took me some while to answer those questions. In addition, after reflecting I found that I need to change a lot online because I am not satisfied hundred percent with my presence.


Design Thinking 

I chose to explore this module because Design thinking is a very important tool so exploring it helped me learn a lot. It is a very important topic/tool because design thinking is how we react to challenges we face in a creative way.  In addition, in this module, I learned how design thinking is about believing we can make a difference. Furthermore, in this module, I learned that design thinking gives us faith to change any difficult challenge to a solution. I liked so much the section of Tired of Machine. Finally, I agree hundred percent that design thinking is not applying in offices, rooms, in classes while design thinking must be applied everywhere and at any time.


To conclude, honestly, I believe every lesson I learned about digital literacies or skills and anytime I heard the word digital in this course I find the dangers of the digital world more and more even though I am a computer scientist and I have to be more aware of that danger. But honestly speaking I saw that danger from this course more than I ever saw before.

1 thought on “My Digital Literacies Pathway”

  1. Thanks Iman. It’s always interesting for me to see how computer scientists/engineers respond to this course, because it’s a different dimension to what you do in your major. Glad you found it useful.

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