Reflection on my poem “Two-way road trip”

Two-way road trip is a poem written by Sara Ashour and me, for an empathy project. Firstly, we were unsure of the topic we want to do for our project, but some topics for sure we didn’t want to work on them like Covid’19. Instead of choosing the topic, we decided to leave the topic for now, and let’s choose how we want to represent it. To me, it was difficult to choose the format before choosing the topic so we decided to conduct our project by either a digital game or a narrative story. However, after deciding format, we asked each other what next, we wanted to do something that will catch both our interest as both of us cannot meet and we need to work on it via phone calls due to Covid’19. So, we kept looking for a topic that will interest both of us until we found something in common that we both suffer from. Both of us are an ambivert, in which we are not extreme introverts nor extreme extroverts, while both our siblings are extreme extroverts. Thus, we suffer a lot from the idea that some people sometimes don’t understand us. Therefore, we started researching the difference between introverts and extroverts, and the traits of each type. However, after choosing the topic we now came back to how are we going to represent it are we going to do a digital game or narrative story or are we going to choose something else. Actually, we were influenced by Jose Cossa’s poem and how he created a dialogue between a female and a male and how he mixed the poem with both perspectives, thus we decided to do a poem.


For both of us, it was the first time to write a well-structured poem we thought it is going to be difficult. However, when we started writing it we didn’t want to stop from continuing writing it. We enjoyed the process so much and we both wrote the poem together as if it was written by only one person. As mentioned above our poem is composed of a dialogue between two opposite people one is an extreme introvert and the other one is an extreme extrovert. “The Extrovert initiates the conversation in an attempt to approach the introvert and the introvert responds in an analogous way. First, they reveal their personality traits, then they become friends despite their distinctness. They learn from each other and influence each other. The spread of Coronavirus turns their lives upside down. Each one discovers a new side of their personality and learns to adapt to the current situation.” We worked on the poem a lot until it became out it is now, our poem was basic dialog without any details between the relationship between the extroverts and introverts. However, before submitting the first draft we asked our professor about her opinion she advised us to put more real-life examples to our poem to make it more appealing. So, we added more examples especially the example where how each one felt when they first each other and how each one approached or wished to approach the other. However, after submitting the first draft we were advised to add more details i.e more real-life examples in order to make our poem much better. So we decided to add two major parts in the poem firstly, to add a memory before the Covid’19 and how each one responded to it. Secondly, after Covid’19 and social distancing how each one will reflect back to this memory and how each one had a great influence on the other one.


To conclude, I really enjoyed writing the poem a lot with Sara, the poem wouldn’t be the same without her. I really enjoyed the idea of the project and I learned a lot. I learned how to write a good poem, and I learned more about extroverts and introverts. Which, will help me to improve by understanding the attitude of the people in front of me, and without judging or saying why is she/he shy they have to get out of their comfort zone. I believe it is now my job to educate those who say that you need to get out of your comfort zone because we as a society don’t understand the difference between extroverts and introverts. It is important to respect others whether they are introverts or extroverts. Finally, I would like to thank my partner Sara for her endless support to make this poem successful and I would like to thank my professor Maha Bali for her endless advice to make this poem perfect as possible.

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